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2805 Wilderness Pl Ste 1000
Boulder, CO 80301


Tue, Noon - 6p.m.
Thu, Noon - 6p.m.
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Please Support the Earn-A-Bike Program!

Earn-A-Bike (EAB) Builds a Greener and more Bike-Friendly Boulder.

MORE FOLKS ON BIKES. The Earn A Bike program has gotten over 1,000 low-income friends and neighbors on bikes since 2006!

BIKE COMMUTING AS A WAY OF LIFE. Most Earn-A-Biker graduates ride their bikes daily.  Help us keep the greenest transportation growing in Boulder!

CUT CARBON EMISSIONS AND HELP BOULDER MEET ITS CARBON REDUCTION GOALS. 100% of Earn-A-Bikers ride more than the daily amount needed to cut carbon emissions to target levels!  Read more about carbon reductions by cycling!

A graduate says:  I have benefited enormously from this program!  I could not afford a bicycle, and I was not very knowledgeable about them.  Since building my bike, I have saved a lot of money on fuel, and I use my car so little.  I enjoy the health benefits of bicycling, and I also get to see and interact with my neighborhood.

Your generous donation keeps this program cranking forward!  Please Support the Earn-A-Bike Program!

Workshops PDF E-mail

Community Cycles is ramping up it's education programs!  Now Scheduled through October!

Bicycle workshopsCommunity Cycles offers classes and workshops designed to generate understanding, confidence and provide resources for students. The workshops range from hands on activities like cleaning dirty parts to skill building riding exercises.

For more information and to sign-up, click here!

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Community Cycles offers a full bike shop with new & used parts & accessories with discounts to CC members.  AND awesome & affordable re-furbished bikes.

Come check us out and find your dream machine or sustainable transportation!

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Thanks again to Pedestrian Shops for their support of Community Cycles!  Pedestrain shops won Patagonia's Best Program Execution honors for the Advocate Weeks promotion via a consumer window design contest, media releases, pint/bike nights and Bike to Work week..  As Pedestrian Shops partner, Community Cycles got an additional donation!  Thank you




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We've been busy this cycling season at Community Cycles. We have ambitious plans to get more people on bikes than ever in boulder than ever this year. But we can't do it without your support. By becoming a Community Cycles member you help ensure that we reach our goals.