Better Biking

bicycle advocacyThe Community Cycles Advocacy Committee speaks for cyclists in Boulder County, working with local, state and federal agencies, local businesses, and neighborhoods organizations.  Our goal is to improve our community’s access to bike parking, transit, bike paths and lanes, and bike trails.

We advance the cyclists’ agenda in local and regional planning processes, advocating for new construction that is bicycle friendly, and working to re-envision existing roads, schools, workplaces and shopping centers for cyclists’ safety.

We report on the state of cycling in our area.  Our annual report includes feedback from our annual survey of local cyclists and brings attention to ways to improve cyclists’ safety and efficiency.  Annually, we survey bike lanes to help maintenance crews focus their efforts on the most critical issues. See the Community Cycles Annual Report 2014v4.0

We encourage businesses to be bike-friendly and to see the value of cyclists as a customer base.  We recognize and honor bike-friendly businesses and we have estimated the value of cycling to Boulder’s economy.

We volunteer in the community by attending meetings, riding lanes, writing letters, staffing events, and more.  Plus we have fun! To learn more about becoming part of our Advocacy Committee, contact .

JOIN OUR ACTION LIST  for notifications about local and regional planning issues important to cyclists! If you do not have a Google login,  for help getting signed up!