We love serving our Boulder Cycling Community.

Community Cycles serves a wide population in and around Boulder Colorado.

  • Low income families: Every December Community Cycles gives away over 300 bikes to kids in low income families in Boulder County. There is nothing like seeing the smiles and happy faces of the children, their families, and the many volunteers that make this event possible. Remember your first bike?

  • Low income individuals: Since 2006, the Earn-A-Bike program has helped get more than 3,000 of our low-income friends and neighbors on bikes!

  • General population: People from all walks of life use Community Cycles’ DIY Repair Shop. It’s satisfying for staff to see someone get their bicycle rolling again so that person can get to their job or school.

  • Local employers: Our Bike Fleet program provides bicycles to local employers. This allows their employees, clients, visitors and customers use bicycles for trips around the city of Boulder.

  • Bike advocacy: The Community Cycles Advocacy Committee is the voice for cyclists in Boulder County, working with local, state and federal government, as well as businesses and neighborhoods, for better access to bike parking, transit, and trails.

  • Bicycle commuters: Bike commuters love Walk and Bike Month, celebrated every June. Bike to Work Day attracts 7,000 local residents annually to ride their bikes to work and enjoy breakfast stations all around the area.

If Community Cycles has inspired you, please consider donating to support our programs. Find out more and donate here to be a part of our mission to build a culture of cycling.