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Everyone Deserves a Bike Fitting! – A Member Exclusive

Athletes who ride hundreds of miles a week need to spend hundreds of dollars for a micro-tech fitting. If you’re a typical around-town or recreational rider, come see industry veteran and long-time CC volunteer Ray Keener for a look at your position and pedaling style. And a few tweaks in the right direction! Every Saturday from 11 AM to noon, outdoors and safely distanced.

Registration required- please use this link to register for “bike fit”

Member Exclusive – Free to members of Community Cycles ((Become a Member))

Ray’s bike fit was fantastic! I’ve been biking as my primary hobby and form of exercise for about a decade, despite all the tweaks I’ve made over the years, Ray found ways to make my bike feel even better, improving the feel and efficiency of a bike I’ve been riding for 6+ years! I definitely recommend a bike fit from Ray/Community Cycles. – Jeff Bush
What a great option that Community Cycles offers with Ray’s bike fittings! I had looked at several fittings around town, but most were really costly and tailored for more professional cyclists, not the everyday commuter. I never knew how to make the handlebars and seat more comfortable. Thank you for helping me, the seat alone felt so much better biking home. – Shelby Bates

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