13th St Greenstreet


Thirteenth Street will be the first GreenStreet in Boulder, a low-traffic street prioritized for walking and biking.  The 13th Street project is meant to be a quick and inexpensive project, the type of projects which CC supports.

Support GreenStreets with 20 mph travel speeds and low traffic counts that prioritize people riding bikes and walking. More info here.

Here is Community Cycles’ recommended definition for Greenstreets:

Neighborhood GreenStreets are streets with low vehicle volumes and speeds, designed to prioritize and improve conditions for walking and biking. Neighborhood GreenStreets are streets where people of all ages and abilities feel safe walking and biking. To create this condition, Neighborhood GreenStreets use a variety of treatments, including:

  • Traffic calming and speed limits – to reduce speeds of motor vehicles to 20mph or less and discourage vehicles from using the street as a cut through.
  • Diversion when traffic count exceeds 2K day (AADT)
  • Signing and pavement markings – to provide organizational, safety and wayfinding signs and markings for people walking, bicycling and driving.
  • Intersection Design Treatments – to provide ample opportunities for people bicycling and walking to safely and comfortably cross busy streets (to determine appropriate metric for Boulder) , including LPIs, crosswalk spacing, signal timing, etc
  • Intersection Design Treatments – to prioritize for people walking and biking at crossings and intersections
  • Improved facilities for walking and biking, including sidewalks and refuge islands, bulbouts, raised crosswalks, etc