Benefit Bikes

Bikes that benefit the people of Boulder with transportation, and benefit the planet by being sustainable.
It is Community Cycles’ mission to provide equal access to bicycles for all and to promote physically healthy and  environmentally sustainable transportation. Toward that end, Community Cycles works with social service organizations to connect people with bikes. If you work with a social service organization and are interested in partnering with us, please contact

Earn a Bike

Earn-A-Bike is for low-income participants who are 13 and older and who do not own a well-functioning bike.

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Re-Entry Bikes

Re-Entry Bikes help folks as they re-integrate into extrapenal life with free and sustainable transportation. We work through government agencies to make this connection.

Kids Holiday Bike Giveaway

The Kids Holiday Bike Giveaway is Community Cycles’ oldest ongoing community benefit, since 2006!  Every December we distribute 300+ bikes + helmets to low income kids, seeking equitable access to bicycles throughout our community. 

more about the kids holiday bike giveaway

Benefit Bikes

This program helps groups of folks recover from disasters where they’ve lost everything, like those who lost their homes in the Marshall Fire.