Bike Theft Prevention & Registration

Bicycle theft is an ongoing concern for our community. Register your bike at our shop to help combat this nuisance.

Theft Prevention

Over 1,000 bikes are stolen in Boulder each year! Learn more about what you can do from this video featuring Community Cycles.

Tips for keeping your bike safe:

Register Your Bike
register your bike with bike index
How to Properly Lock Your Bicycle

ALWAYS lock up your bike.

Use a U-Lock for the frame and back tire, and a secondary lock for the front tire. A U-Lock is recommended because bolt cutters can easily cut through a cable lock.

Remove anything from your bike that can be easily taken, untied or cut off. This includes the seat and water bottles.

Lock your bike in a public place, preferably with a lot of foot traffic, if you can’t keep it inside.

Lower your gears to make it harder for someone to pedal off quickly.