Earn-A-Bike (EAB) Builds a Greener and more Bike-Friendly Boulder. The Earn-A-Bike program has gotten over 1,500 low-income friends and neighbors on bikes since 2006! We seek to create equitable access to bicycles throughout our community.

Who is eligible?

Earn-A-Bike is for low-income participants who are 13 and older and who do not own a well-functioning bike.

Income Criteria:

  • Single | $22,500 or less
  • 2-person family | $28,600 or less
  • 3-person family | $34,700 or less

If you do not meet the income criteria, please consider purchasing one of our affordable, refurbished bikes.


Program fee: $20 (nonrefundable)

Fee waivers are considered for people currently receiving services from Boulder’s social service organizations, such as the Homeless Shelter, Safehouse, Boulder Housing Partners, and others.

Our Earn a Bike program requirements:
fill out an application, pay the nonrefundable fee, sign up for a Fix a Flat AND Maintainance 101, volunteer for 2 – Three hour EAB VOL shifts

A safe and reliable bike will be chosen for you based on your height. Expect a beach cruiser type of bike. Typically with one gear and pneumatic tires. You will receive a membership, lock, helmet, and light if available. We currently have a waiting list for bicycles.

Fill out the Earn-A-Bike application

A graduate says:

“I have benefited enormously from this program! I could not afford a bicycle, and I was not very knowledgeable about them. I have saved a lot of money on fuel, and I use my car so little. I enjoy the health benefits of bicycling, and I also get to see and interact with my neighborhood.”