Gender Equality Mechanics (GEM) is for ciswomen, trans individuals, non-binary individuals, agender individuals, and members of other marginalized gender groups.

GEM Night: Last Monday of the Month 6 – 8 pm.

Community Cycles’ monthly Gender Equality Mechanics provides a space and time for members of marginalized gender groups to use the DIY shop in a supportive, marginalized-genders-only space. This course is designed for ciswomen (folks labeled as women at birth who identify as women), trans individuals, non-binary individuals, agender individuals, and members of other marginalized gender groups. We ask that cismen (folks labeled as male at birth and identify as a man) support us by helping us hold the space exclusively for marginalized genders and sharing details about the class with their friends!



What do you do during GEM Night?

GEM Nights are a time for marginalized-gender groups at Community Cycles to get together and work on bikes, talk about bikes, and think about bikes! It’s an informal community space to help support sharing skills, knowledge, and fun for trans, lady-type, non-binary, agender, etc folks in the cycling community

Who can come to GEM Night?

GEM Nights are exclusive to marginalized genders: ciswomen, trans folks, non-binary folks, agender folks, etc. We ask that cismen use the shop at other times.

Can trans-men attend?

YES. We added this FAQ because this is a question we get frequently. Trans-men/trans-masc/etc are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Do you require people to identify their gender when attending GEM?

We use the honor system. You will never be required to self-identify when you attend a GEM class. All attendees are told who the space is for and not for and we trust people to respect that. We always offer pronoun stickers at the door but you’ll never be required to use them.

Why don’t you require folks to identify?

Our priority is the feeling of comfort and respect for our attendees. We also want to respect folks’ privacy. Our main goal is spreading stoke about bikes – so we want to cultivate as non-intimidating a space as possible. We’ve found not making people identify their gender at the door is an important part of accomplishing this goal. 

What if someone doesn’t respect the space?

Talk to the host! The host will help navigate that situation if it arises. Please see our rules for more information.

Who hosts GEM?

A member of a marginalized-gender group who is an active volunteer at Community Cycles will host GEM Night. We strive to always have a host with at least amatuer level bicycle mechanics abilities – but sometimes it will be a friendly Community Cycle’s face who is still learning, just like you!

Can I bring my own bike to work on?

Yes! But remember: you are responsible for your own repairs. If you ride your bike in and work on it – we can’t guarantee you’ll ride it back out. Every repair has the risk of unexpected surprises!

Can I work on your bikes?

Yes! Occasionally we will have shop bikes that we can use your help with and you will be guided by the host to do basic repairs.

What if I just want to hang out?

Also great! You can hang out. Watch and learn from other repairs going on. Talk bike stuff. Whatever. There’s no formal curriculum for the class – it’s just a time to get nerdy about bikes.

I’m a cisman (someone labeled as man at birth who identifies as a man), how can I support GEM Nights?

You can support GEM nights by helping us ‘hold the space’. This means reservering the space for the intended groups – i.e. members of marginalized-gender groups. You can also help by spreading word to your friends! We appreciate your ally-ship.

What do GEM Nights cost?

GEM Nights operate based on a recommended donation. We ask that if you are able, you donate $15 for attending. If you’re not – no worries, you are still welcome! If you want to pay more, you’re welcome to do that too! Your donations go to supporting all of our amazing bicycle advocacy programs.

Can I bring my kid?

Yes – but you are responsible for monitoring your child at all times. Remember – this is a working bike shop: there are sharp objects, chemicals, heavy items on high shelves, and other hazards in the shop.

I’m apart of a marginalized-gender group, but my young child is a cisboy – can they attend?

Yup – if your young child is accompanying you and you need to bring them along to benefit from the class, they are absolutely welcome. It’s a part of supporting you getting to benefit from the space.


  1. Don’t be a jerk. We don’t feel like we need to define what a jerk is – we all have a gut feeling. So just don’t be a jerk. Jerks will be asked to leave the space.
    • Examples of a jerk:
      1. Use of aggressive or insulting language.
      2. Disrespecting the host or other attendees.
      3. Any of the -isms or -phobias: racism, transphobia, sexism, islamophobia, etc….
      4. Evidence of intoxication while attending the class.
      5. Non-consensual physical contact.

We are amazed we even have to list these things but…here we are.

  1. You are responsible for your own bike. 
    • Remember: the host is there to help guide repairs, they are not your personal mechanic. YOU are YOUR OWN mechanic. If you take it apart – you’re responsible for putting it back together.
  2. You must approve repairs to your own bike with the host before starting – they’ll provide feedback on whether they feel comfortable helping you with the repair.
  3. Class is over when the host leaves. Period. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.
  4. You cannot leave your bicycle or other possessions at the shop after class. Community Cycles is not responsible for whatever happens to them.
  5. GEM nights are a sober space. No booze. No pot. No other drugs. Please just help us out here.
  6. You cannot borrow any Community Cycles property to take with you. Please do not take anything from the shop. We have all the tools you need on hand to use while you are here. Ecocycle offers a Tool Library service and we suggest looking them up if you need to borrow tools to use outside of Community Cycles.

Contact manager@communitycycles.org if you have any questions.