Help Us, Help Yourself, Learn a Lot, and Have a Ton of Fun!

Help Us, Help Yourself, Learn a Lot, and Have a Ton of Fun!

Community Cycles was started by volunteers, and volunteering is still a huge part of how we pursue our mission. We’re excited that you’re interested in helping us! There are several ways to do so, each closely tied with part of our mission statement, which focuses on our work in access, education, and advocacy:


Bicycle Mechanic Volunteers help Community Cycles by using their expertise in bicycle mechanics to overhaul bicycles, which are then either sold in our retail shop (which supports our outreach and advocacy work) or given away through our access programs.

This is a highly skilled ask, generally staffed by those with years of experience working as professional bicycle mechanics and/or certification from BBI, U of Q, or UBI.

If you would like to serve as a Mechanical Volunteer, please contact sales@communitycycles.org


DIY Volunteers are able to work with a bike and teach at the same time, and to have a good time doing it! They staff our Do It Yourself service for Community Cycles Members and are an important part of the warm & inviting social atmosphere of our shop.

If you would like to serve as a DIY Volunteer, please contact diy@communitycycles.org.


Bike Education Volunteers often come to us from a professional educator background. Their years of experience working with bicycles and their well-honed teaching abilities will help others learn the basic principles and systems of a bicycle in our workshops and Complete Mechanics Series.

If you would like to serve as an Educational Volunteer, please contact workshops@communitycycles.org.


Help Community Cycles by serving on our Advocacy Committee, which works with decision makers at all levels of government to ensure that biking is a superior travel option for more trips, by advocating for physical infrastructure, laws, and planning priorities that keep cyclists and pedestrians the most important people on our streets.

Advocacy Volunteers generally have  knowledge of traffic engineering and sustainable planning, as well as a commitment to long-term political and social engagement.

Learn more about the Advocacy Committee


Help Community Cycles by sharing our work and mission with the greater Boulder community. A strong interpersonal ability sets them apart, as well as their clear commitment to our values and to communicating how we’re living them out. Outreach Volunteers do everything from tabling at events to helping connect kids with their new bikes at our annual Kids Holiday Bike Giveaway.

If you would like to serve as an Outreach Volunteer, please contact Communications@communitycycles.org


Help Community Cycles by assisting with the day-to-day operation of our shop. These are folks that are newer to bike mechanics or bike retail, but eager to learn. They can also be  people with a gift for organization or interpersonal relationships. Shop Volunteers often process  donations, maintain the cleanliness and organization of our workspaces, and help connect our customers and members with their perfect “new” bike.

If you would like to serve as a Shop Volunteer, please contact sales@communitycycles.org.

How to Volunteer in the Shop

We Appreciate Your Community Service

You can fulfill your court-ordered community service hours at our nonprofit bike shop. Community Cycles appreciates your support! You can get started here with the application form (below):

  1. Complete the volunteer application and select submit (a thank you note at the bottom confirms you are done)
  2. Check your email for your volunteer log-in (a two-step process)
  3. Go to the Volunteer Job Calendar and sign-up for “Community Service Court Ordered” shifts.

No email? Come in to the shop during open hours and we can help you then.

We are open 11-6 Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Fill out this short application

Our Appreciation
  • 50 hours – Community Cycles socks and a shop name tag
  • 75 hours – Community Cycles T-shirt
  • 100 hours – 20% off new retail
  • 150 hours – Mechanic’s Blue Shirt
  • 200 hours – Free: Complete Mechanics Series --OR-- wholesale + 10% on new retail
  • 500 hours – Community Cycles Cycling Jersey

Let us know when you have put in enough hours to redeem a perk!

Do Your Community Service With Us!

You can fulfill your court-ordered community service hours at our non-profit bike shop.
Please sign up online or at the shop during open hours.

Community Cycles appreciates your support!