Community Cycles increases the use of bicycles for safe, sustainable transportation and self-sufficiency through access, education and advocacy.

Our Boulder nonprofit organization is made up of people who ride bicycles, love bicycles, and support bicycle-based transportation.

We promote, educate, and advocate for the safe use of bicycles for transportation — bikes are sustainable, affordable, and fun!

Our bike shop offers refurbished bikes for sale, and is a welcoming community and educational center for bike care and repair. We seek to create equitable access to bicycles for everyone in our community.

Beyond our shop, we unite our community around biking, we advance the cyclists’ agenda at the level of planning and policy, and we work to make a better Boulder for people who ride bicycles.

Community Cycles Board Commitment:

Community Cycles hereby reaffirms our commitment to our members and guests to provide a safe and welcoming environment.

We are committed to fostering and ensuring equity and social justice through protection of the human rights of all persons regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, ethnic heritage, religious belief, LGBTQ identification, ability, or immigration status.

Community Cycles works to build a diverse and inclusive community that does not tolerate any act of racism, oppression, intimidation, harassment, or racial, ethnic or religious profiling toward another individual, and reaffirms our continued support for the civil rights of our members.