Our Mission

Community Cycles increases the use of bicycles for safe, sustainable transportation and self-sufficiency through access, education and advocacy.

Mission Statement: 

Powered by our love of cycling, our community, and our planet, we increase the use of bicycle-based transportation for everyone through access, education, and advocacy. 

How We’re Living Out Our Mission Statement:

Community: We are building an inclusive, equitable, and diverse community where all people are treated with dignity and mutual respect.

Accessibility: We offer everyone the opportunity to ride and we support access to cycling for everybody.

Sustainability: We create a sustainable environment by riding, recycling, repairing, and refurbishing bicycles.

Education: We are teaching our community about bicycle care, repair, and safety.

Advocacy: We work with decision makers at all levels of government to ensure that biking is a superior travel option, by advocating for physical infrastructure, laws, and planning priorities that keep cyclists and pedestrians the most important people on our streets.


We’re a community making bicycling a truly sustainable, equitable, and affordable means of everyday transportation; where human-powered transportation is prioritized in fact and not just in words; and where transportation betters all residents' lives physically, emotionally, and economically.

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Community Cycles Board Commitment:

Community Cycles hereby reaffirms our commitment to our members and guests to provide a safe and welcoming environment.

We are committed to fostering and ensuring equity and social justice through protection of the human rights of all persons regardless of race, socioeconomic status, gender, ethnic heritage, religious belief, LGBTQ identification, ability, or immigration status.

Community Cycles works to build a diverse and inclusive community that does not tolerate any act of racism, oppression, intimidation, harassment, or racial, ethnic or religious profiling toward another individual, and reaffirms our continued support for the civil rights of our members.

2022 Impact

The impact made in the community during 2022 was awe-inspiring. From an elevated demand for our refurbished bikes to people making outdoor recreation and commuting a priority, we saw the need for more access to cycling resources soar. Below you'll find just a few numbers that reflect our organization.

2930 Bike Donations Received

Community Cycles is able to do what it does because of thousands of generous used bike and part donations from the Boulder community. Your donation is a building block for our biking community, our education and advocacy work, and our programs to benefit our low-income friends and neighbors.

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