Help Us, Help Yourself, Learn a Lot, and Have a Ton of Fun!

Follow the flow below to volunteer in our bike shop:

A thank you note confirms your application has been submitted!

Take our online orientation to learn the lay of the shop and our processes. Note: a shop orientation is NOT required for Community Service, one-time events like our Kids Bike Holiday Giveaway, or occasional help outside of the Shop.

How to Sign Up for Volunteer Shifts to Work on Bikes

  • Log into your Personal Site by clicking the link in the ‘Your Volunteer Information’ email.  This is your very own personal page used for tracking your progress and signing up for shifts (Click here to resend this email).
  • Select Volunteer Job Listing tab to sign up for a shift.

volunteer opportunities

    • Only sign up for Jobs you are qualified for. If you are unsure, ask a Community Cycles employee.
    • New volunteers typically sign up for VOL Volunteer In Training.
    • Community Service volunteers should only sign up for Court Ordered Community Service

volunteer opportunities

  • Click “Sign Up” next to a available shift. A popup window will appear
    • Select “Sign Up,” adjusting the number of volunteers only if it is a group (for an event or service project, e.g.)
    • The system gives a “Thank you for signing up for volunteering” message.
    • You will receive a Volunteer Job Signup Thank You email with date/location of your shift
    • You will get a reminder email 2 days before your shift.

Scheduling a Shift for next Month

Select the Volunteer Job Calendar tab, select the month, select the shift, and signup as described above.

Canceling a Shift

If you cannot attend, please select “Cancel” next to the shift under the “View your information” tab.

Update your information

You can update your contact information in the box on the bottom left and click “update.”  Your information will be saved in our database.

Retrieve your login if you’ve already signed up as volunteer (email greeter@communitycycles.org if you don’t get an email)

Interested in volunteering outside the bike shop?

We’re working to streamline this application process. At the moment, please email:


Let us know what you are interested in doing, from graphic design to event assistance.


  • meet new people and be part of a community
  • give back to the community
  • help keep bikes out of the landfill
  • resume-building
  • volunteer gatherings and social events
  • learn bike mechanics
  • get dibs on fancy parts
  • Attend workshops to enhance your skills (not required, but always a great idea)

Our Appreciation

  • 50 hours – Community Cycles socks and a shop name tag
  • 75 hours – Community Cycles T-shirt
  • 100 hours – 20% off new retail
  • 150 hours – Mechanic’s Blue Shirt
  • 200 hours – Free: Complete Mechanics Series OR wholesale+10% on new retail
  • 500 hours – Community Cycles Cycling Jersey

Let us know when you have put in enough hours to redeem a perk!

Do Your Community Service With Us!

You can fulfill your court-ordered community service hours at our nonprofit bike shop. Please sign up online or at the shop during open hours.

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Community Cycles appreciates your support!