Thank you for your interest in the Community Cycles Advocacy Committee.

First a little about us.

We aspire to help Boulder become a dynamic, successful, and sustainable city that maximizes the safety, comfort, and convenience of its residents and that prioritizes long-term environmental stewardship. To this end, we strive to make Boulder into a community in which biking and walking are the fastest, most efficient, safest, and most pleasant means of transport for most trips throughout the city. Our vision of Boulder is one of vibrant, walkable (and walked), bikeable (and biked), mixed use neighborhood centers connected by a network of direct, seamless, and safe bicycling and walking routes, as well as an efficient and affordable transit system.

To further these goals, we:

  • Advocate for city paths, lanes, and other infrastructure and policies that enable the bicycle to be used for daily transportation needs.
  • Support local trails that enable recreational riding without using a car. We also support inter-city routes that enable transportation by bicycle.
  • Focus our efforts in Boulder, while also representing cyclists’ interests in the otherwise unrepresented County.
  • Weigh in on land use and parking issues, as these are intimately linked to transportation.
  • Speak for pedestrian access and safety.
  • Focus on transit issues that affect cyclists, such as bike capacity on buses and bike parking at bus stops and terminals.

What’s expected of our members:

Advocacy members are expected to be active, either by contributing to email threads, attending meetings with local government, other nonprofits, or stakeholder groups, drafting documents and letters on government proposals or to further our own goals, being a strong supportive voice in the community, or performing another valuable role. Meetings are usually the first Monday of each month at 5:45 PM and last an hour and a half and attendance is encouraged. Advocacy members must be a member of Community Cycles in good standing. Interested potential members [fill out this application]. The Advocacy committee votes on new members quarterly.