Access ExpertVoice With Your Membership

ExpertVoice is the experts-only community where you have the privilege of enjoying VIP discounts, exclusive content, and the opportunity to try new products from the brands you know and love.

If you are new to Expertvoice.com, follow these steps:

  1. Go to www.expertvoice.com and login or sign up
  2. Search for your group’s name and follow the flow to affiliate to Boulder Community Cycles Pro Team.  When asked to attach proof of membership, attach a picture of your member card, thank you postcard, or include this file and I’ll look up your membership.
  3. You’ll receive an automatic confirmation email, be sure to verify your email address
  4. To access the most benefits, select your location and build out your profile with affiliations and accomplishments

After you have placed an order, if the vendor is shipping to the CC Shop, please contact the shop to inform them a package will be delivered under your name.

PS – If you have recurring membership payments, please re-apply each year.