Be a part of the movement in our community for cleaner air and sustainable transportation.

EBikes are a game-changer. Bringing eBikes to more people in Boulder will help residents and their families succeed. 

Discover a commute option that’ll leave you refreshed, not frustrated. Cycling to work has health, financial and environmental benefits, and the increasing popularity of commuting by bike backs this up. It’s for everyone – whether you haven’t cycled in years, have never cycled at all, or usually ride as a leisure activity but want to try cycle commuting.

  • More affordable than commuting by motor vehicle - $10 to fuel an ebike for a year | $3k for a car.
  • Easily commute over longer distances and hilly terrain.
  • Boost your mood with a clearer head and more Vitamin D.
  • It's great for your overall physical and mental health.
  • Increase fitness, improves coordination.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint, support cleaner air and less pollution.
  • Transportation is the single largest source of carbon emissions in the US.
  • Running errands can be faster and more efficient on your ebike.
  • Slow down, look around and explore the world.
  • No more traffic jams.
  • Never having to wait for the bus or hunt for a parking spot.
  • Combine an ebike with RTD to connect to the first and last part of your commute.


eBike vouchers or rebates are coming to Colorado! 

Stay informed about ebike vouchers or rebates from the City of Boulder and the State of Colorado, arriving sometime in 2023. We'll convey information for the surrounding area like Louisville and Lafayette too.  

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Commute by eBike

Get a break from your brakes when you switch up your commute with an eBike.

Learn about the advantages of commuting by ebike, find a guide to buying the best ebike for your needs, FREE workshops on ebike maintenance, ebike safety tips and more!

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Apply for a Free eBike

A better kind of morning rush.

This application is not available yet. You will need to qualify as a low-income essential worker.

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