Commuting by eBike

This eBike Commuter Hub features many spokes on the wheel to becoming part of the movement in our community for cleaner air and sustainable transportation
Click here for info on Ebike rebates and vouchers for municipalities around Boulder County.
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Intro to EBikes Workshop

Introduction to eBike Safety and Maintenance is a free, hands-on, and interactive course offered through a partnership between Small Planet Ebikes and Community Cycles. In this class, experienced (and fun!) eBike mechanics will introduce new and prospective eBike owners to eBike systems (how eBikes work), eBike regulations, battery safety, best practices for eBike and battery maintenance, and riding practices specific to eBikes.

Workshops start JUNE 12 - Sign up to attend an ebike workshop:


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Ebike buyer's guide

These are the two different ebike categorizations: classes and styles. The 3 Classes describe the pedal assist and max speed of each bike. There are dozens of styles of ebikes, but these three are some of the most common. The 3 Classes of ebikes come in many styles, so you can mix and match the categories depending on your intended bike use, preference of motor assist, and of course, personal style!
Our friends at REI have created this video (and much of the above descriptions) to show you the differences in styles, classes and motors: