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Business Partner Spotlight

Cured is celebrating a decade of serving up Boulder’s best sandwiches, incredible cheeses, and of course wine to top it off. Cured’s mission stands on a few key pillars: To educate and create excitement around great food, made with authentic un-processed ingredients, by real people. 

Pretty great, right?! We sat down with Will and Coral Frischkorn for a quick chat:So the two of you have been doing this a while, and you’ve got a passion for food – why Cured?
Cured was truly founded on our mutual passion for great food, delicious wine, and the community that they help bring together.  After Will stopped racing we spent a year living in Spain, working for the team on the management side, but loving the ability to dive into the world of food and wine more deeply than allowed during Will’s racing years.  We fell in love with the small markets of Girona, of shopping for that day’s meal and no more, and with the feeling of walking into a corner bodega and being taken on a tour by the owners, sharing the new things that they were excited about most.  When moving back to Colorado we realized that while Boulder had an incredible grocery scene and that the food world was exploding at the time, there wasn’t a cheese shop to be found, and that void had to be filled!  We built Cured ’selfishly’, filling it with products that we wanted ourselves but couldn’t get otherwise, and still only bring in something new to the shop if we truly love it ourselves.   

And Will, you have a love for bikes – where did that start and what excites you about CC?
Cycling has been a part of my life for about as long as I can remember.  I grew up in West Virginia where mountain biking was about the best way to explore trails that went truly forever.  Every afternoon I’d hit trails with friends, and eventually started racing on the weekends as well.  My high school actually had a road racing team and I quickly discovered my ability there and dove in 110%.  I was lucky enough to snag enough wins and national titles in the Junior ranks to turn professional right out of school, and spent years with teams both here in the US and abroad, getting to take part in most of the races that, as I kid, I’d only dreamt of.  Cycling was an incredible chapter for me, affording a life with incredible travel, and in turn, the ability to spend time in so many of the places where great food and wine are just ‘everyday’ and an integral part of local culture and community.  The partnership with Community Cycles brings all that together – helping get people on bikes, eating good food, and sharing experiences with other like minded people who enjoy doing it all together.  

Next time you’re in need of lunch or catering for a backyard shindig, reach out or stop by Cured on Pearl.

CC members get 15% OFF with Code “CommunityCycles” – heck yeah!