19th St Multimodal Project – Comments due May 12th


Boulder hosted an open house on April 19th with options for the 19th St multimodal project from Norwood to Yarmouth.

Community Cycles is pleased to see lane narrowing, traffic calming infrastructure and better sidewalks as part of the improvements for 19th Street. We are disappointed, however, that the improvements for bicycle travel are only marginal – from a bikeable shoulder to a 5 ft bike lane. 

19th street is a bus route and is also heavily used by the large number of Crestview students who bike to school. A standard bike lane is not sufficient under these circumstances. Community Cycles believes a protected bike lane should be the standard, especially on streets heavily used by children biking to school. We also strongly encourage reducing the speed limit to 25 mph. At the current speed limit of 30, a child walking or biking to school is 70% more likely to be killed in a crash than if the speed limit were lowered to 25 mph. 

Here are the Materials displayed at the meeting and the Project webpage.
Please provide your comments here.  Comments are due by May 12th.