19th Street Project Meeting: February 10


On February 10th, 6pm, Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) is hosting a public hearing about the 19th Street Multimodal Improvement Project.

The board will consider a staff recommendation on the project’s community and environmental assessment process.

From the Project Website:
Background: 19th Street from Norwood to Sumac avenues is an important multimodal travel corridor in north Boulder. Currently, there is an on-street bikeable shoulder and an existing sidewalk on the east side. These were constructed in the 1990s but the sidewalk does not meet current city design standards. The on-street bikeable shoulder ends at Violet Avenue and is then a designated bike route from Violet Avenue north to Yarmouth Avenue. On the west side of 19th Street, the sidewalk is not continuous from Yarmouth to Norwood avenues.

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You are invited to participate and share your thoughts!

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