2023 Brings More eBikes to Boulder


We all want an ebike – how do we get one? Community Cycles is pleased to announce upcoming eBike programs for 2023.

We are firm believers that eBikes can be a game changer. A few popular uses are for commuting, for older adults to stay active, for running errands and for saving money. eBikes can also help stem climate change by getting people to drive less.

Three Ways Community Cycles is Working to Get You on an eBike

  1. We are working with the City of Boulder to kick off an ebike voucher pilot program. We know the City is working hard to find ways to ensure the distribution is equitable for residents of Boulder from all walks of life, which we appreciate.
  2. We will be launching a program this spring to encourage ebike commuting. Along with touting the advantages of commuting by ebike, we will also offer a guide to buying the best ebike for your needs, workshops on ebike maintenance, ebike safety tips and more!
  3. We recently received word that we won a grant from the Colorado Energy Office to bring 60 ebikes to low income people who work in Boulder.  We have not gotten the approval to start the work to launch this program yet, though we hope to have ebikes out on the roads this summer at the latest.

How Does Community Cycles Do It?

It takes the hard work of a dedicated team to bring this much ebike goodness your way this year.

  • Our grant writing team works hard to find and apply for grants geared towards making life better for everyone in Boulder, from giving ebikes to low income people to lowering fatalities to fighting climate change with upcycling and recycling programs.
  • Our staff works hard to take the structure of these grants and make these programs a reality.
  • Our Advocacy Committee lobbies with local governments to bring about the best outcomes for cyclists, whether it is ebike vouchers or safer infrastructure. We get our voice out there as having an expertise and a vested interest in cycling infrastructure and bringing equity to transportation.

Stay Informed

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