5 fatal crashes in less than 6 months


But our streets do not need to be places of devastation and mayhem.


Community Cycles envisions streets as welcoming public spaces, where all users, especially the most vulnerable, are safe.  Believing that we can have more hospitable, safer streets, we have been working and pushing for stronger implementation of the “Toward Vision Zero” campaign.   

At an October 2016 city council hearing, our efforts met with success.  Community Cycles won council support and a mandate for changes to the city’s Design and Construction Standards.  Many of these proposed changes will slow traffic and make our streets safer.

The Vision Zero campaign includes:

  • A low-stress bicycle network map that will highlight missing links in the system and prioritize improvements
  • A  Vulnerable User law that would, in partnership with our District Attorney’s office, aggressively prosecute impaired and reckless drivers in school zones and other areas where high numbers of people walk and ride bikes
  • Organizing communities around Vision Zero and safety measures, such as Neighborhood Greenways traffic calming; signals and road designs that prioritize safety for pedestrians and bicyclists; and other measures to eliminate serious and deadly crashes

Donate today to support Community Cycles’ Vision Zero Campaign. 

Everyone will agree we need safe streets. But to make our streets truly safe will require what some see as tough choices and difficult compromises. That’s where you come in:  We need your voice and your support.

Your support is essential when we bring the voices of people who ride bicycles into our halls of government, from city council to the state legislature, to ensure safe places for people of all ages and abilities to walk and ride bikes.  We’ll need your letters, emails and testimony when we talk about the importance of focusing on moving people rather than objects.  

We’ll also need your financial support to make this ongoing work possible.  This support helps fund a future where deaths and serious injuries due to traffic collisions become thing of the past, no longer accepted and expected, or seen as a natural cost of society’s need for transportation.  

We envision a future where biking, walking, and public transit are expected and prioritized, and are considered the best way of getting from place to place in many, if not all, of our neighborhoods

Highlights of our work:  all this in just one year!

  • Recycled 3,000 bikes, giving old bikes a new life, making affordable bikes available to our community.  
  • Hosted the 11th Annual Kids’ Holiday Bike Giveaway on December 11, 2016, gifting bikes to 250 low-income children and families in our community.
  • Coordinated Boulder’s Annual Walk & Bike Month, including the 40th annual Bike to Work Day, and the free Clips Beer and Film Festival.
  • Taught over 100 community workshops on subjects like bike commuting, bike maintenance and repair, and safe cycling skills, through our much-loved Complete Bike Mechanic class.
  • Expanded our Transitions and Luke Harding Endowment programs to help disabled and low-income young adults.   
  • Got 100 low-income people on bikes through our Earn-A-Bike program and conducted Earn-A-Bike Workshops at Boulder County Housing Authority sites in Lafayette and Louisville.
  • Spoke up at planning processes to ensure bicyclists’ needs are met, worked for a complete bicycle system, including a regional network of linked communities.
  • Avoided over 20,000 tons of CO2 since our inception through members and program participants who bicycle rather than drive.
  • Began discussions with District Attorney Stan Garnett and Representative Mike Foote on establishing a “Vulnerable User Law” that requires greater care be taken by motorists where children, people on bikes and people on foot can be expected.
  • Promoted the Bus then Bike program,  including the new 30th & Iris station, with their great benefits of secure, enclosed bike parking facilities for greater bike-transit options.  
  • Built a cycling culture among kids and families, coordinating the Little Buff Family Ride and our Kids Summer Camp.