A Conversation with REI, A Resource Partner


Recently we’ve partnered with REI Boulder as they support our community in collecting used bikes and supporting Walk and Bike Month! Community Cycles’ Development Director Craig David had a chance to sit down with the Sales Manager, Matt, and chat about community, bikes, and why it all matters….

Tell us about the work you all are doing locally and supporting projects to get more people on bikes?

REI Boulder has several local non-profits that we partner with in the hopes to increase access and get people outside! We have hosted several bike donation drives for Community Cycles and are a drop-off donation location for bikes. We are also partnering with Community Cycles to teach some women’s specific classes on bike maintenance and care later this summer. In addition, we have worked with Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance in the past to help support their BIPOC rides and are planning to continue this relationship this year.

REI does a lot with used gear via RE/Supply and the garage sale – Why does it make sense for REI to partner with an upcycling-focused non-profit?

Re/supply, formerly the garage sale, is an evolving and growing part of our business. Through programs such as our gear trade-in (launched late in 2020) and our new kid’s bike trade-in program, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint that our business creates and become overall more sustainable. By partnering with non-profits like Community Cycle, we are able to continue our mission of increasing accessibility to the outdoors while decreasing the overall carbon footprint of the outdoor industry.

Supporting the community you live and work in is critical to supporting access to resources, and in our case access to affordable bikes. How does this fit in with REI’s culture and long-term vision?

Whether it’s a 15-minute ride around the local park or a Gran Fondo in Vail, we believe time outside and a connection to nature is a fundamental right for all people. Unfortunately, millions of Americans lack access to nature and outdoor spaces. REI aims to change this by offering various programs that increase outdoor access for all. As a Co-Op, REI has a community focus both within our membership and in the places where we live. Our partnership with Community Cycles allows us to reach a broader audience than just our own Co-Op community, which ultimately will allow us to have a greater impact on where we live, work, and play.

What else do you want our community to know about the work you and your team are doing in Boulder?

We have a number of awesome nonprofits that we partner with including the Boulder Climbing Community, Wilderness Restoration Volunteers, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance, and Community Cycles. If you are interested in learning more about what we do or how you can help out, swing by our store and check out our community board!

Thanks to REI for hosting a gravel ride on June 22, 2022 to happy hour at Upslope Brewing Company for Bike to Work Day! The ride leaves from REI at 4:30pm on June 22.  Details about the ride can be found here.