A Conversation with Upslope Brewing Company: Leaving a Mark with their Beer, Not their Footprint


Recently we’ve partnered with Upslope Brewing Company as they support our community and Bike to Work Day. Community Cycles’ Development Director, Craig David, had a chance to sit down with Henry, the VP of Sales & Marketing, to chat about community, bikes, and why it all matters….

Meteorologically speaking, it’s a front range-covering, water-table-filling, snow-dumping weather pattern that anyone with bindings and a roof rack would die for. Beerologically speaking, it’s carbonated gold. In 2008, Matt Cutter, Henry Wood, and Dany Page, kissed their homes in Cleveland, Atlanta, and Argentina goodbye to bring their beer-brewing love affair to Boulder, Colorado. With that, Upslope Brewing Company was born. And after ten years of supplying Colorado with trailhead tallboys, and pow-day libations made from the freshest snowmelt, the finest hops, and the purest passion for living life outdoors, one thing has become undeniable. These guys didn’t just float another microbrew into the sea of Colorado microbrews. They created a lineup of quality craft beer that tastes as good poured from a tap as they do pulled out of a fishing vest. In other words, for those who call the Continental Divide home, the perfect storm.

We believe that the more you go out exploring the earth, the more likely you are to take care of it. That’s why we package all our beers in 100% recyclable cans, perfect for transporting wherever the trail may take you. And it’s why, from the water and energy we use to the waste we make, we do everything possible to leave a mark with our beer, not our footprint.

Tell us about the origin story of Upslope and how you came to be a B-corp? 

We believe in a world where everyone has access to clean water, air, and healthy food within a stable climate and community. We recognize that our industry, and the company within it, is resource intensive and has a net negative impact on our environment. We don’t want to live in a world without beer, but neither do we want to live in a world where beer is brewed at the expense of our environment. So we’ve joined this community of innovative business leaders to learn how to mitigate our negative impact through the development and adoption of more sustainable business practices and technologies. We certainly have a long way to go, but we hope that by joining the conversation and inviting open dialogue, we can make progress toward this goal. Read more on the journey to B-Corp status HERE

Why does it make sense for Upslope to partner with a bike-focused non-profit? 

Community Cycles is an unbelievable resource for the Boulder Community. They make it so access to a bike is available to everyone in our community. As a B Corp with our company’s social and environmental impact at the forefront of our minds, choosing partners who are like-minded is a part of our mission. Teaming up with a local non-profit like Community Cycles helps us support environmental stewardship and access to the outdoors right here in our hometown – we’re excited to help spread their mission to our local community of Upslope fans and hopefully inspire those beyond our backyard, too.

As Boulder continues to grow in size and density, it just makes sense that those that can, utilize the bike commuting infrastructure that we are so fortunate to have here. Community Cycles helps give all of our community access to a bike so that more people can participate. Plus, I’m convinced that the more we’re outside breathing fresh air and moving our bodies, the better we’ll all be at being better citizens to each other and as a community.  

Supporting the community you live and work in is critical to supporting access to resources and in our case access to affordable bikes and our DIY shop. How does this fit in with Upslopes culture? 

Argentinian Engineering has been our jam since day one. No offense to Argentina! I am sure they have wonderful engineers there. But Dany Page, our Co-Founder, and VP of Brewery Operations hails from down there and is an absolute MacGyver who can fabricate almost anything with limited resources. Duct tape and bailing wire were used to hold our original brewery together. So, DIY is a value that we hold dear. Being resourceful and recycling older bikes and parts is a no-brainer. It creates less trash for the landfills and costs only a fraction of the parts for brand-new bikes. 

When exploring the outdoors, what’s your team’s favorite type of bike to ride? 

Matt Cutter is the most avid cyclist at Upslope. He road rides and mountain bikes frequently. My favorite thing to do on a bike is to commute to work and ride downtown for dinner and drinks on the weekends!

Thanks to Upslope for hosting two events for Walk and Bike Month 2022. The Boulder Bike Show on June 15 and Bike to Work Day (Bike Home) Happy Hour on June 22!