A Safer Jay Road


Bicyclists need a safe, paved, and separated connection for commuting from Boulder to Gunbarrel and beyond.  There have been two bicycle fatalities on Jay Road in two years. Community Cycles is working with Boulder County to address this issue immediately.

Community Cycles is supporting flexible delineators for Jay Road (see below photo):

  1. Flexible delineators have a traffic calming effect and slow speeds. High speeds is what make county roads so deadly.
  2. Flexible delineators make motorists aware that they should expect to see bicyclists in the road.
  3. The use of flexible delineators on roads that are commonly known to have high crash rates will make this and other protected bike lane infrastructure more familiar to the public, making it easier to use these treatments in the future. Protected bike lanes can co-exist with existing traffic configurations.  

While not a perfect solution, flexible delineators can serve as an interim safety measure while the County identifies resources and plans for a longer term solution, like a separated bike path. Flexible delineators can happen now with minimal cost.

If you support installing Flexible Delineators on Jay Road now, please contact Alex Hyde-Wright at the County.