Apply for a 2-Year BCycle Membership


It’s true, Boulder BCycle is partnering with Community Cycles to give away BCycle passes to encourage Boulder County residents to commute to work by bicycle.

This is Phase 2 of our 2021 effort to get more people out of their cars and commuting to their jobs by  electric bike (ebike) to show that it can make a difference in air quality in Boulder County.

To receive a free 2-year membership to Boulder BCycle, you must be low income and agree to use a Boulder BCycle for commuting to work at least three days a week.

Whether you work near a B-Station or it just helps your commute to take a BCycle to where you catch RTD or carpool, we encourage you to apply, especially if you live in a Boulder Housing Partners residence.

This 2-year membership to Boulder BCycle brings you unlimited hour-long trips on both the red pedal bikes and the white electric bikes.

Details and application for this program can be found here in English and Spanish.

Thanks for checking out this program to see if an ebike is an option for you for transportation to work! This program is made possible with a generous grant by the Colorado Energy Office and in partnership with University of Colorado, Boulder Community Health, Small Planet eBikes, City of Boulder and Boulder County. It is designed to demonstrate that electric bikes (ebikes) are a safe, healthy, and convenient way to take essential trips around town.

Questions? Contact Program Manager Sandee Cirian at or Kevin Crouse at