Bike Light Giveaway – Continues


Hey Boulder, let your lights shine bright!

Community Cycles still has free lights while they last.  Stop by during office hours to pick up a light for yourself or a friend.

Daylight is short, and Community Cycles, the City of Boulder, and CU are running the annual Lighten-Up Boulder bicycle safety campaign.  We encourage everyone to use bike lights when riding at night — plus the City requires it!


Cyclists are reminded to use proper lights and reflective gear to stay visible while riding between dusk and dawn.

Here are a few safety tips for riding at night:

  • Use a white front light, red rear blinking light at night or when visibility is poor.
  • Wear bright colors and/or reflective gear.
  • To be more visible from the side, add lights or reflectors on wheels.
  • A stronger headlight (300 lumens or above) is recommended on multi-use paths, which are much darker at night compared to city streets.

Riding a bike with mounted lights not only increases visibility and safety, but it’s also the law. Boulder Revised Code requires all cyclists traveling between dusk and dawn to equip their bikes with both a mounted white light on the front and a red reflector on the back (B.R.C. 7-5-11: Bicycle Headlight and Reflector Required).

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