Bike Repair Service for Members Update


DIY Service Shop

Wow, the need for bike repair service has been overwhelming! We are happy to be of service to our cycling brothers and sisters right now. Our goal remains to keep you on your bike on our city streets, safely and happily!

We are continuing with our bike repair service in place of our DIY shop as social distancing during this time remains a challenge with our layout.

Having your bike repaired by Community Cycles

Because our goal is to keep you riding, we are focusing on quick assessments and repairs for now. We really can’t diagnose over the phone or by email, so for now, please bring your bicycle in for on-the-spot service of about 30 minutes or less.

  • Thursdays: 11AM – 6PM
  • Fridays: 11AM – 6PM
  • Saturdays: 11AM – 6PM
  • Sundays: 11AM – 6PM

Once you’re at the shop, let us know you’re there for service, and our Service Writer Shawn or Justin will happily meet with you. After they’ve checked your bike over carefully, the two of you will decide what your bicycle needs, make a service plan, and establish a time-frame.

A  La Carte Service Menu

For individual repairs, we’ll offer an a la carte service menu similar to commercial bike shops, but at prices discounted for our members. Not a member? become a Member here:


  • Install tube and/or tire: $8 + cost of tube
  • Install tubeless tire (includes sealant): $20 (per wheel)
  • Install and top off tubeless tire sealant: $20 (for both wheels)


  • Install chain, cassette, or freewheel: $10
  • Adjust derailleur: $15
  • Install derailleur: $25
  • Install chainring: $25
  • Install bottom bracket: $30


  • Adjust brake (front or rear): $15
  • Install brake cable / housing (front or rear): $20
  • Install disc brake pads (front or rear): $15
  • Install rim brake pads (front or rear): $20
  • Brake bleed lever plunge: $15 (per wheel)
  • Brake full system bleed: $30 (per wheel)


  • Install shifting cable / housing (front or rear): $20
  • Install internally routed shifting cable / housing (front or rear): $25
  • Install mountain bike shifter (each): $25
  • Install road bike shifter (each): $35


  • True wheel: $15
  • Install tubeless tape: $15
  • Tubeless Conversion (includes tape and sealant): $30
  • Install spoke: $35 – $50
  • Wheel build: $80


  • Install saddle: $5
  • Install grips or shifter hoods: $5
  • Install threadless stem: $10
  • Wrap bar tape: $15
  • Cut handlebars: $15
  • Install handlebars (road): $40
  • Install handlebars (mountain): $25


  • Cut seatpost: $10
  • Install crown race: $10
  • Adjust headset: $15
  • Install derailleur hanger: $25
  • Cut steerer tube: $25
  • Install fork: $35
  • Install headset: $25


  • Install pedals: $5
  • Install cleats: $10

By supporting us financially, you’re supporting our dedicated staff as they raise families, pay rent, and buy groceries while working for a cause we all believe in. You’ll be supporting a bike shop whose core values are the same as yours. When the time comes to pick up your bicycle, you’ll not only receive a bike in better mechanical shape than it was in before, but you’ll have left Community Cycles in more secure financial shape than we were in before. Saying “thank you for your support” doesn’t seem like enough, but for now it’ll have to do…