DIY Bike Shop

Use the Community Cycles DIY Bike Shop to fix your own bike!
Reserve a Station
  • What to Expect

    We all love bikes, that’s why we’re here. We love helping people work on bikes. We have all the tools, resources, and knowledgeable staff to assist you navigate the space.

    • Reserve a station
    • Use our tools
    • Fix your bike
    • Learn a bunch
    • Save a ton of money
    • Empower yourself
    • Have fun!

  • Expectations of You

    1. Helping other members is encouraged, but keep in mind not everyone always wants or needs advice.
    2. Under no circumstances should members or guests represent themselves as CC employees or volunteers unless they are working a designated volunteer shift.
    3. Members may use shop services up to 2 hours per day and no more than 20 hours per month.
    4. Members may not operate an official or unofficial business out of the CC shop. This includes:
      • Members refurbishing bikes, wheels or other parts may not meet clients or potential clients at the shop to display goods for sale, nor conduct a transaction on premises.
      • Bicycles prepared for sale may not be photographed in or near CC.
      • In no way should advertisements infer that for-sale bicycles were professionally refurbished by CC, or at CC.
    5. In-progress bicycles may not be stored at the shop or outside without permission of the Shop Manager or Shop Coordinator.
    6. Shop staff reserves the right to limit total bicycle sales to members or other clients as a way to maintain inventory for sale or donation and/or limit unsafe bicycles from being reused in any way.
    7. Neither members nor customers shall interfere with individuals attempting to donate bicycles or materials to CC. It is not permissible to buy, trade or otherwise acquire bicycles or parts intended for donation to CC. All donations must be processed by staff before they are made available for resale.

  • Community Workspace Rules

    • Closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times if you are working with tools.
    • Sign-in & check-in with Greeters to receive your reserved work station.
    • There is a mechanic on duty. We want to emphasize that you are working on your own bike, with our assistance.
    • Please use only the color-coded tools at your reserved station.
    • When using the parts washer always wear an apron, heavy gloves and safety glasses.
    • Dogs are welcome at Community Cycles but they must be leashed at all times.
    • Put away all tools and bins that you use.
    • Track All the (new & used) parts that you used on your tab – Reservation Card.
    • Minimum membership age is 16, unless accompanied by a chaperon.

DIY Shop Reservations