Bike to Work Day June 27th!

June is always a special time for people who ride bikes in Boulder. We have one of the best Bike to Work Days in the world, and this year is no exception with more than 57 breakfast stations and counting.

Make your ride count and be sure to register for Bike to Work Day. Registering is VERY important. It helps gets more funding directed to bike projects because it is one of the few ways we have to measure the number of bike trips taken by Boulder’s ardent bicycle commuters.

On Bike to Work Day, be sure to stop by the Goose Creek Super Station and say “hi” to your friends at Community Cycles. We’ll be joined by our many of other Wilderness Place businesses for the biggest morning bike party in town.


And after work, check out one of the many AFTER WORK PARTIES and stop by the Boulder Beer from 5 – 7 pm your first beer is free if you rode a bike!

And Walk & Bike Month festivities don’t end with Bike to Work Day. Check out the events still going until the end of June.

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