Bikes Can Transform Us


Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how something as little as a change in how we get around can transform one’s perspective and to some degree one’s life, but it can happen that way. For Earn a Biker, Kim DeVore it happened. “I heard about the Earn a Bike (EAB) program from my co-worker. It had been 14 years since I last owned a bike and with my impending move to Boulder, I thought I would give the EAB program a try.” After completing the program, she discovered a renewed freedom through her riding. When asked how the EAB program had impacted her life she explained that she enjoys “a new freedom not being confined to a car and being closer to the environment” when out riding and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the Community Cycles community. Because of her new bike and riding adventures she looks forward to doing more exploring of Boulders biking opportunities and can even envision adding a mountain bike to her repertoire.