Can Do eBike Program – August Update


Did you know that Community Cycles gave away electric bikes to low-income essential workers in July 2021?

Fifty people who live or work in Boulder County were chosen through an application process, with the overall goal of the program to reduce Boulder’s carbon emissions from single occupancy vehicles. Then we hosted 5 events to get the bikes to those chosen, on different days and times to accommodate people coming or going from their shifts at Boulder Community Health, University of Colorado – Boulder and for those who live in Boulder County Housing Authority residences, among other recipients.

Everyone who received an ebike will use the “Can Do Colorado” SmartPhone app to track their rides to show how they are saving carbon emissions. There’s a dashboard on the Can Do website where you can follow along to see how riders are doing as a group! Here’s an update for August 2021:

What are People Saying about Their eBikes?

Electric bikes are already making a difference in the lives of people who live and work in Boulder County!

“I just have to say I am seriously enjoying me ebike! I have ridden it to work every shift! It has made my mornings so much better by getting my body ready for my shifts. It is pleasant in the evenings to process my day. I love riding it to coffee shops and my small local errands. My girlfriend is now wanting one because she has witnessed how much fun I am having with it. It is so nice not putting unnecessary miles on my car and polluting the air. ” – RS

“I even found a person at apartment complex who is a long-time bike rider, so we will get together for rides.” – LC

“Loving the bike so far! It’s been fantastic. My husband liked the idea so much that he’s working to convert his bike to an ebike too!” – NA

These eBikes Really Get Around!

What Comes Next?

Next month we’ll start exploring the carbon emission impact of these ebikes.

Also, we already have riders who have surpassed 150 miles on their ebikes, a milestone we are using for scheduling a tune up, courtesy of Small Planet eBikes.

Thanks to Our Community Partners!

We are very appreciative of all who made these events a success:

Gabriel Konar-Steenberg, an intern with NREL which is developing the Smartphone app, attended our two largest events to ensure that everyone was able to download the Can Do app and was trained in how to use it. I filled that role at the other events.

Joan DePuy, Boulder Community Health, attended events to ensure that helmets were properly fitted.

Elaine Erb, Boulder Transportation Connections, was on hand at each event to talk about commuting safety tips, and route planning.

Community Cycles staff and volunteers and also staff from Small Planet eBikes, University of Colorad0 – Boulder and Boulder County Housing.