More Neighborhood Greenstreets for Boulder!

Neighborhood GreenStreets are low-traffic streets where walking and biking have priority. This fall, we’ll see improvements on Grove Street (from 15th to [...]

More Neighborhood Greenstreets for Boulder!2021-11-01T12:44:52-06:00

Low Stress Bike Network

The City of Boulder’s Low Stress Walk and Bike Network Plan is a plan to create a connected walking and cycling network [...]

Low Stress Bike Network2021-01-26T19:34:28-07:00

Intersection Improvements

The City of Boulder has been working on Intersection Safety Improvement projects. 19th & Baseline The City is redesigning this intersection after [...]

Intersection Improvements2021-01-26T19:34:38-07:00

Jay Road Safety Improvements

Jay Road serves as an important connector between Boulder and Gunbarrel and sees some of the highest vehicle and bicycle volumes of [...]

Jay Road Safety Improvements2021-01-26T19:34:47-07:00

Bus then Bike Stations

Community Cycles worked with the City of Boulder, Regional Transportation District (RTD), Boulder County, to obtain funding for and build a Bus-then-Bike [...]

Bus then Bike Stations2021-01-26T19:34:55-07:00