Sue Prant, Executive Director

Sue joined Community Cycles as our Advocacy Director in 2008, bringing over fifteen years experience in bicycling programming and non-profit administration [...]

Sue Prant, Executive Director2021-05-11T18:49:11-06:00

Dax Burgos, Shop Director

Dax brings a strong background in retail to his position, leading our bike recycling and re-use efforts through our retail shop—also known [...]

Dax Burgos, Shop Director2021-12-07T10:51:54-07:00

John O’Kelly, Mechanic

My friends and I used to ride bikes everywhere as kids. I got my first real road bike in high school. I [...]

John O’Kelly, Mechanic2020-06-15T18:00:31-06:00

Melissa Newton, Project Coordinator

Melissa recently completed her Masters in Liberal Sciences and decided to combine her passion for cycling with her passion for helping others. [...]

Melissa Newton, Project Coordinator2019-12-16T17:45:20-07:00

Justin Saxby, Production Manager

A graduate of Barnett Bicycle Institute as well as the holder of a doctorate in theology and literature, Justin sees working with [...]

Justin Saxby, Production Manager2021-06-29T12:27:19-06:00