City Council Candidates Answer Questions on Bicycling in Boulder


bike advocacy

As a 501c3 nonprofit, Community Cycles does not endorse candidates. We do, however, educate the public on where candidates stand on bicycle issues. In order to give all the candidates the opportunity to address bicycle issues, we sent them the following questions:

Do you support adopting a 20 mph speed limit on all Boulder residential streets in early 2020 as suggested by the current council? 
Do you support Council advancing a new transportation funding mechanism in 2020 and what would be your top three transportation spending priorities?  
The increase recently in bicycle and pedestrian crashes and injuries shows that paint and flexible bollards do not provide real protection from traffic violence. As a council person, what measures would you champion to protect vulnerable users on our city streets?

Candidate responses are show here. 

Aaron Brockett, Paul Cure, Brian Dolan, Benita Duran, Rachel Friend, Junie Joseph, Corina Julca, Nikki McCord, Mark McIntyre, Susan Peterson, Adam Swetlik, Mark Wallach and Bob Yates all responded. We know running for council is a lot of work and we’d like to thank them for taking the time to give us their thoughts on these issues.

Andy Celani and Gala Orba did not respond to our questions. 

Use your voice, use your vote, remember to return your mail-in ballot or vote in-person on Tuesday November 5th!!