City Council Shows Strong Support For Vision Zero



At the April 24th Boulder City Council Study Session on transportation, Council showed strong support for Vision Zero and Community Cycles’ policy agenda.

Community Cycles has been working with city council and transportation staff to emphasis the importance of a timeline and measurable goals for Vision Zero; creation of a written written Signal Policy; and an update to the city’s Design and Construction Standards (DCS) for transportation. City staff has responded with a promise that the update to the Safe Streets Boulder report will contain a Vision Zero Action Plan and timeline; has created a draft Signal Policy and has made a promise to update the  DCS in 2018. Community Cycles is very involved with all these initiatives.

At the Transportation Study Session, Council reiterated the importance of these projects and policy changes. Council members also showed strong support for “prioritizing safety of all users over throughput of traffic,” and increased use of Lead Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs) at dangerous intersections. Council also stressed the need for a safe bike commuting route from Gunbarrel to Boulder.

Community Cycles thanks Boulder City Council and Transportation staff for showing leadership to make  traveling on our streets safer for all!