City of Boulder Survey on Safe Sustainable Transportation, Plus a call for Organizational Collaboration


Community Cycles Advocacy Committee would like to invite your organization and members to engage with the City of Boulder’s Vision Zero program through a city survey open until July 17th.

Further, if you are part of an organization that works towards a safer an greener planet, we invite you to join us to create a network to share information on transportation issues and suggest action where our interests align.

Too many Boulderites have no realistic transportation option besides the automobile. The resulting car-dependence poses problems for the environment, children, the elderly, equity, physical health, mental health, public safety, and overall quality of life. That dependence is driven largely by the fact that in many places within Boulder other modes of transportation (like walking or cycling) are unsafe and stressful.

To address this problem, the City of Boulder is participating in a global project called “Vision Zero”, a strategy to eliminate all traffic fatalities and severe injuries, while increasing safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all. As part of that effort, the City is collecting information about parts of our transportation network in Boulder that are currently problematic. We are writing today to encourage you to share with your constituencies this excellent opportunity to help the City determine where its transportation network needs improvement. The survey, which closes on the 17th of July, consists of both a questionnaire and a great mapping tool by which to mark specific pain points in the network. You can access the survey here:

We’d also take this opportunity to invite organizations to join in ongoing collaboration on matters where our interests align. We hope to build an informal network of organizations that can alert each other to opportunities like this Vision Zero survey. This network could also coordinate messaging to the community, City staff, and/or City Council on a range of issues of common concern. We have successfully collaborated this way with many persons in the past but our aim is to make this more systematic so that opportunities for collaboration are not missed and so that we can capitalize on the expertise that we have each developed in our area of primary focus. Our goal is to maximize the amount of this coordination that can be done by email, listserv, and/or Google Docs, as our time is always precious.

And, of course, once part of the network, organizations can participate as much or as little as you may like. We hope you’ll join us by replying to this email us with a quick note confirming your organizations interest. We’ll then reach out to you as we move this project forward.

Thanks so much!