Community Bikes Benefit Program


After the tragic fires of December 30th, Community Cycles sprung into action, offering bikes for transportation to those who had been impacted by the fires. To date, we have given away close to 40 bikes. We have been focusing on providing bikes to adults who will use the bikes for transportation.

Louisville Cyclery also deserves a strong shout out and great thanks from the community. Greg, the owner of Louisville Cyclery has been working tirelessly to get bikes in the hands of hundreds of residents – both kids and adults. Greg and his team have been doing this on their own dime. If you are looking to buy a new bike, definitely check them out and help support their efforts to give back to their community. 

As far as Community Cycles, we are  now ready to move into the second phase of the “Fire Bikes” program, called the Community Bikes Benefit Program.

Starting Feb 10th, for families impacted by the fires, we will give a 20% discount on used bikes in our retail shop. To qualify, please show your FEMA card. The discount will be available for adult and kids’ bikes. 

For families whose income is 40% of AMI (Area Median Income- see chart below), you may apply for a bike through the Community Bikes Benefit program. To qualify, please email with your name, address of your former residence and income verification, 

Household Size 40% AMI
1 $32,760
2 $37,440
3 $42,120
4 $46,760
5 $50,520
6 $54,280
7 $58,000
8 $61,760