Community Cycles and Boulder BCycle Partner to Bring Passes to Low Income Essential Workers


eBike-Share Program Info and Facts

Community Cycles and Boulder BCycle are partnering to bring free BCycle passes to low income workers, especially those who participate in low income, affordable or subsidized programs. 

See if an electric bikeshare is an option for you for transportation to work! This program is designed to demonstrate that electric bikes (ebikes) are a safe, healthy, and convenient way to take essential trips for commuting and all around town.

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Why eBike? 

  • They are an effective tool for replacing motor vehicle trips and more affordable than car ownership.
  • Ride greater distances and across harder terrain – Get to work, school and errands faster on an eBike than a conventional bike.
  • Set aside worries about arriving sweaty at your destination
  • Reduce your carbon footprint. Colorado needs your help to show the difference riding an eBike can make!
  • Improve your health!

How does an ebike-share work?

  • For this program, you’ll be issued a 2-year Annual Pass to Boulder BCycle at no cost to you. The pass comes with unlimited hour-long trips on an electric bike.
  • Bike sharing is different from bike rental or owning a bike. It’s a transportation system that allows a large number of people to share a small number of bikes. This is accomplished through station-to-station bike trips. 
  • The BCycle app has a map and real time information about what bikes are available and where they are.  Visit the Boulder BCycle website or download the app and see if there are B-Stations near your home and work.
    • Check out any bike from any B-station on the BCycle app or with your BCycle membership card.
    • Ride/Return the BCycle to the closest B-Station to your work, school, errands or family/friends.
    • When you leave, check out any BCycle for the ride home and return it to another B-station.
    • Note: Unfortunately there is no guarantee that an ebike will be at a particular B-station, although the app can tell you before you get there. 
  • Click here to learn more about Boulder BCycle electric bikes.
  • Click here to watch How-To videos.
  • Boulder BCycle staff will be available to answer any questions.

Are you eligible to participate in this ebike-share program?

  • You live or work near a B-Station.
  • You commit to commuting to your job at least 3 days per week using a Boulder BCycle. That can mean two things:
    • You work within walking distance to a B-Station and commute directly to your job.
    • You use a BCycle to link up to another part of your commute, which could be RTD, carpool or other.
  • **See map and links at the bottom of this document for locations of B-stations.

Expectations of participants

  • First and foremost you are expected to use a Boulder BCycle as your primary mode of transportation for getting to and from your job.
  • You will provide feedback and data at regular check ins with Community Cycles staff to help shape the future of this program through Fall 2023. Data such as how often you ride and how far will be collected from your BCycle account.
  • Besides using your Boulder BCycle pass to get to and from work, you will use your Boulder BCycle pass for errands and other everyday trips, like grocery shopping, visiting friends and family and recreational activities – dependent on a BStation near your destination.


  • Fill out the application
  • You will be notified and will receive your BCycle pass within 2 weeks of applying.
  • Community Cycles and Boulder BCycle staff will be available to help plan routes.

The Bike: The best ride to go farther, faster:

  • The pedal assist gives riders a boost up to 15 MPH
  • Upright riding with adjustable seat for riders of all sizes (4’10”-6’4”)
  • Front and rear integrated lighting offer safe and visible riding
  • To make trips easier and safer, we’ll provide a helmet.
  • You’ll also receive a free 2 year membership to Community Cycle, which has bicycle related classes on commuting and maintenance at low or no cost.

Information submitted in this application will be confidential and only used for the purposes of this program. 

Please click here to fill out your application for the ebike-share program now


Gray = Boulder B-stations

Purple = Boulder Housing Partners residencias

See each organization’s website for more detailed and interactive maps:

Questions? Ask Sandee Cirian, Community Cycles Program Manager, or Kevin Crouse with Boulder BCycle,

This program is made possible with a generous grant by the Colorado Energy Office and in partnership with Boulder BCycle, Boulder Housing Partners and City of Boulder.