Community Cycles eBike Program Eligibility and Expectations


Thanks for checking out this program to see if an ebike is an option for you for transportation to work! This program is made possible with a generous grant by the Colorado Energy Office and in partnership with University of Colorado, Boulder Community Health, Small Planet eBikes, City of Boulder and Boulder County. It is designed to demonstrate that electric bikes (ebikes) are a safe, healthy, and convenient way to take essential trips around town.

Why eBike?

●  They are an effective tool for replacing motor vehicle trips – Owning an eBike is more affordable than car ownership.
●  Ride greater distances and across harder terrain – Get to work, school and errands faster on an eBike than a conventional bike.
●  Set aside worries about arriving sweaty at your destination
●  Reduce your carbon footprint. Colorado needs your help to show the difference riding an eBike can make!
●  Improve your health!

Are you eligible to participate?

●  You work in Boulder County.
●  Your income is in this range:

●  You are a critical worker as defined by the State of Colorado Department of Health and Environment here on P6. (Quick Tip: If you went to your place of employment throughout the pandemic, you are most likely a critical/essential worker.)

●  You have a place to securely lock the ebike where you live and where you work. University of Colorado and Boulder Community Health each have a secure place to park an ebike.Expectations of participants
●  First and foremost you are expected to use your ebike as your primary mode of transportation for getting to and from your job.
●  This is a two year loaner-to-owner program requiring a fee of $250 to be paid in full before receiving your ebike. You may opt out of this program in the first 90 days and receive partial or full refund. After 90 days you may still opt out of the program but the fee will not be refunded. The value of the bike and accessories is over $1500.
●  You will provide feedback and data via a free mobile app and monthly check ins with Community Cycles staff to help shape the future of this program through Fall 2023.
●  Besides using your eBike to get to and from work, you will use the eBike for errands and other everyday trips, like grocery shopping, visiting friends and family and recreational activities.
●  If for any reason you stop using the eBike as your main form of transportation, until the end of the 2 year program, you will return the eBike and all accessories.


●  We have given out 48 ebikes! Our timeline for giving out these last ebikes will be mid-late August.

The Bike: Aventon Pace

The Aventon Pace is a Class 1 eBike which is “An electric bicycle that only provides assistance when the rider is pedaling; the motor ceases at 20 miles per hour (mph).”

With large comfortable tires, the Pace gives you the ultimate balance in comfort and power. Featuring a relaxed, upright riding position and 5-levels of pedal assist plus throttle, this ride will keep the smile on your face all day long.

To make trips easier and safer, participants receive accessories like a helmet, lock, basket or bike bag, lights and more!

We will help you set up a free tune up with Small Planet eBikes at 150 miles and you will receive a 2-year Membership to Community Cycles, including an invitation to participate in classes and workshops on bicycle maintenance at low or no cost.


Information submitted in this application will be confidential and only used for the purposes of this program.

Please click here to fill out your application now.

Questions? Ask Sandee Cirian, Community Cycles Program Manager, (Información en español)