Community Cycles Preserves Multi-Use Path Right-of-Way to Centennial Middle School


By Sue Prant     Community Cycles has been working hard to preserve Multi-Use Path Rights-of-Way (ROW). Often these ROWs get lost in the city annexation process and without Community Cycles watchdogging this issue, they are lost forever and multi-use trail connections never get built. A recent one came up on Norwood that would allow for a connection from the neighborhood to Centennial School. This would help students who want to walk or bike be able to do so safely and not have to travel on busy 19th or 26th Streets. Although this connection was part of Boulder’s Transportation Master Plan, this ROW was contested. Community Cycles worked with parents and administrators at Centennial to write letters supporting the ROW to Council. Many Community Cycles members wrote letters. We also testified at Council, where we worked with Council and the property owner to reach a compromise that will maintain the ROW and allow for more students to bike and walk to Centennial.

Thanks to all who wrote letters in support of this important multi-use path!