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Dear City Council:

Community Cycles would like to recommend Tila Duhaime and Johnny Drozdek for the two open seats to the Transportation Advisory Board. Both candidates are highly qualified and, we feel, much more qualified than the remaining field.

Tila Duhaime is a lawyer who has taken a break from practicing while raising her young child and becoming involved with her community. She has worked in transportation and has a firm grasp of the transportation field and best practices. While in New York City, she led a multi-year outreach campaign in advance of street re-design project. She worked getting input and addressing concerns of business, community groups and neighborhoods. On a city where neighborhood politics can sometimes be a contact sport, Tila helped bring about consensus and support for what became the final design after much community input. The new, safer, design has been installed and is hugely successful.

Johnny Drozdek is an engineer who is a single dad and has been in Boulder for about 18 years. We have worked with him on the East Arapahoe Working Group and have been impressed by his attention to data, best practices and his ability to work within a group to arrive at sound decisions. The issues TAB deals with can get fairly technical and we believe his ability quickly comprehend new specialized material will be an assent to this position.

Both candidates have experienced first-hand the additional transportation challenges of having young children and how all modes need to work safely at all times. While our current TAB is excellent, it would benefit from the perspective of people who have had or who are raising small children in Boulder today.

TAB has a great role to play in the upcoming year. While Transportation staff moves forward and has just competed many excellent projects- Baseline Underpass and the outstanding new facility on the Diagonal (a project that safely accommodates all modes and could be a model for future roadway redesign in Boulder) – there is a lot on the work plan and staff could use TAB’s help. Especially as we move forward on Towards Vision Zero, Neighborhood Traffic Mitigation, Canyon Re-design, and East Arapahoe, a well-functioning and informed TAB will be critical. We believe both these candidates will work well with the current TAB members, bring sufficient technical knowledge to hit the ground running, and bring new skills and ideas to a very productive TAB and staff.

We look forward to working with the new TAB members. Thank you so much for your time and service.

Community Cycles Advocacy Committee
Sue Prant
Executive Director
Community Cycles
2805 Wilderness Pl Suite 1000
Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 303-564-9681

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