Design of 30th and Colorado Corridors

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This spring Community Cycles is working in partnership with Carrie Latimer, an urban planning graduate student at University of Colorado Denver, on a pedestrian and bicycle planning design project for 30th Street. Although served by frequent Bound bus service and existing curb adjacent bike lane, 30thStreet features an auto-centric design and several dangerous intersections. This 30th Street project is developed in tandem with the City of Boulder as the city rethinks the design of both Colorado Avenue and 30th Street for the next year. This project will specifically look at the corridor to identify opportunities and recommend solutions to increase the safety of people walking or biking along and across the corridor and will produce two products; a report synthesizing the goals outlined in the 2014 Boulder Transportation Master Plan and the University of Colorado Transportation Plan and two to three design alternatives for the corridor. Carrie’s report will serve as a thought exercise to help prepare Community Cycles in advance of the City of Boulder’s process of redesigning.