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We all recall West Pearl during Covid times as a place for people. After West Pearl was re-opened to motor vehicles, Council at its September meeting requested a West Pearl update, which morphed into the Downtown Streets as Public Spaces Project. 

The staff memo for the December Council meeting specifically called out West Pearl and 13th St between Arapahoe & Canyon as potential candidates for increased pedestrianization and community activation with temporary closures to automobiles.

In that December meeting, Council requested staff to develop recommendations by March based on community input and technical feasibility for community pop-ups downtown in spring/summer 2023. These pop-ups will allow the city to test ideas for re-imagining public space on downtown streets while continuing to gather community feedback.  Bob Yates in his Boulder Bulletin email indicated the first temporary space will likely be 13th street between Arapahoe & Canyon which is going to Council in March.  

Staff have assembled resources to address the Council direction to conduct a community engagement process and do feasibility/technical analysis to explore the potential of downtown streets as public space.  

Make your voices heard for places for people

Community Cycles prefers a permanent organic space in a central location with lots of activity as opposed to temporary programmed space.

Take the survey by Jan 31st.  At the end of the survey there is an opportunity to provide feedback on Downtown streets that you consider appropriate or desirable for re-imagining streets as more pedestrian-friendly places. 

Boulder can do better.  Take the survey and populate the map

Be Involved in Your Community

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We encourage you to take this opportunity to let the City know your opinion on this matter. Here are three things to do:

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