e-Bike Riders Unite ~ Let’s Measure Our Positive Impact!

Mark WoodNews

It’s important to measure the positive impacts of e-bikes on our local environment in Boulder County. 
Measuring the reduction in air pollution just from ebikes may seem small, but it is growing and it is meaningful. Community Cycles is capturing these metrics for the State of Colorado.

Community Cycles encourages locals to use e-bikes to commute/run errands to help improve our local environment. Less cars on the road means less congestion, less air pollution and less road rage participants.

In fact, we’ve been awarded a grant from State of Colorado to help quantify and measure the positive impact of e-biking on our local environment. We need your help to Rev Up Your e-Bike Impact

Essentially, we’re asking current and prospective e-bike owners in Boulder County to sign up for 4 surveys in 2024 to measure how many e-bike miles they ride per quarter; and how many of those miles replaced single occupancy vehicle miles. 

We’ll aggregate the data and measure the actual reduction in CO2 emissions by commuting and running errands on e-bikes instead of driving cars.

Learn More

Here’s a link to learn more about the program to record data about the impacts of e-bikes and to sign up to be a part of this study:

It’s simple. You take a photo of the odometer on your e-bike (or record it manually). Check it again in 3 months. We’ll send you a text or email reminder every quarter and you answer a couple of quick questions about how you use your e-bike.

As an incentive to sign up, we’re offering a $50 REI gift certificate via a random drawing every quarter.

Community Cycles also offers a variety of e-bike related workshops on maintenance, security and overall use of the e-bikes: 

Do you know someone that owns an e-bike that might want to help us out? Please share this message with your cycling friends.