Email council in support of Transportation initiatives to reduce VMT


We need as many letters as possible from people saying they support biking, walking, transit, Vision Zero and Community Cycles’ proposals for the 2022 work plan TODAY. The Boulder City Council retreat on the 2022 work plan is scheduled for January 21st & 22nd.

Both TAB and Community Cycles have written to Council asking that a number of projects that advance our city’s climate and Vision Zero goals be done NOW. In order to ensure these projects get into the 2020 work plan, we need YOU.
Please write a quick letter supporting walking, biking, transit, Vision Zero and Community Cycles’ proposals to improve our climate, safety and livability. Short personal stories are good as well.

Please use the New Forum for emailing City Council. For Topic, select “Feedback on Pending Council Action”, check “Entire Council”, write your comment, and Submit.

Thank you