Envisioning Iris as a neighborhood-friendly street

Alexey DaviesAdvocacy, News


Iris Avenue is a primary east-west corridor in Boulder that is neither safe nor inviting for bicyclists or pedestrians.  Crosswalks are few and far between, the painted bicycle lane is narrow and offers no real protection from fast-moving cars, and the intersections are unprotected for those not in a car. Naturally, this has resulted in many serious injuries along this road, especially at intersections, and, therefore, a general reluctance to travel this corridor by any mode other than automobile. 

Community Cycles believes we can do better. Iris can be changed so that it encourages sustainable transportation options like walking, bike and scooter, whether one is commuting to work, heading to the rec center, picking up groceries, or escorting a child to a local school. And, happily, our City Council and Transportation staff have agreed, deciding that Iris should be among the first projects in the Core Arterial Network, a suite of projects aimed at improving safety and comfort for modes of travel other than the car. The Core Arterial Network seeks to reduce our dependence on the automobile, reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses, improve our health, and expand freedom for those who are unable or choose not to drive – including the young, the old, the disabled, or those who simply prefer to travel under their own power. 

The City of Boulder will soon seek community input on the Iris Avenue project.  Thus, as part of this community engagement process, we will be counting on you to help us advocate for the roadway design changes that are needed to make Iris Avenue a safer, more inviting street for people as they go about their everyday lives. Stay tuned for updates from Community Cycles and please invite friends and neighbors who share your concern for safe, multi-modal transportation to sign up for our advocacy alerts. If you have any connections in the community to help CC reach out with our vision, please email us.

This is our vision for a safer, more inviting Iris Avenue with protected bicycle lanes and enhanced pedestrian crossings.

Our vision for Iris Avenue includes helping neighbors get to where they need to go with more convenient, comfortable opportunities to cross the street.