Free Bikes for Those Affected by Marshall Fire


Community Cycles is offering FREE bikes for transportation to people who suffered losses in the Marshall Fire. “We realize there may be some people who lost the bicycles or cars that they depend on for everyday transportation,” said Sue Prant, Community Cycles Executive Director. “To the best of our ability, we’d like to make some bikes available to meet basic transportation needs.”

The bikes offered are best suited for everyday transportation. “The bikes Community Cycles sells and provides to the public are mostly bikes for getting around town. We won’t be able to replace the high-end mountain, road, or gravel bikes you may train on, but we can help you get around town on a sturdy used bike.”

Request a Bike for Transportation

If you are in need, apply for a bike by contacting: Please provide your height, address, and a brief explanation of how you will be using the bike.

The bikes will be distributed based on need. Not all sizes or styles may be available, as Community Cycles begins with bikes donated by the community and then refurbishes them with a team of professional and volunteer mechanics.

Additional ways to help

1) Donate a bike to Community Cycles this week! Donated bicycles may be directed specifically toward people who have suffered loss from the Marshall Fire (To ensure the safest and efficient use of donated bikes, we evaluate all donated bikes for safety and refurbish or recycle as appropriate). We will also accept cool weather gear for those in need.
Donate at Community Cycles daily from 11-6PM, 2601 Spruce St, Unit B, 80302.

2) Donate to the Boulder Community Foundation. This fund ensures assistance is given directly to victims of the fire who’ve lost their homes and been displaced.

3) Donate goods that support families getting back on their feet. Information HERE.

This is the time when our neighbors need us most. Thanks for your swift action in making donations and please reach out if you were affected.