Give Today and Double your Dollars


Today we celebrate completing Stage 1, raising $10k towards our $30k year-end donation goal. THANK YOU for helping us reach our first goal!

We have unlocked our first ever Matching Fund of $6k from the Community Cycles Board of Directors along with a couple of enthusiastic supporters. During Stage 2, your gift will be DOUBLED dollar for dollar up to $6,000. 

I’ll Donate to the Matching Campaign!

What Goes into Year End Fundraising?

This year we’re trying something new to illustrate our goals. Each peak here represents one of our goals, or Stages.

Stage 1: $10,000 reached! 

Stage 2: We have unlocked Stage 2, a matching fund of $6k. Donate today and help us unlock $12k!

Stage 3: We will be ready to stretch towards the last Stage! Our final goal is $30,000 before December 31, 2022.

Stage 4: Let’s celebrate raising $30,000!!

Donate Now to Make a Difference

Give for a Strong 2023

While we give ourselves a pat on the back for 2022 milestones, we will be able to surpass this list in 2023 with your donation.

In 2022 Community Cycles: 

  • Gave away 800 bikes to those in need
  • Recycled 3K bikes and over 4k bike tires, diverting them from the landfill
  • Hosted 2500 hours from an amazing group of volunteers
  • Are lobbying for E-Bike incentives for you for 2023
  • Successfully advocated for a Vision Zero initiative on core arterial networks (CAN)
  • Successfully advocated for an update in the City’s Design Construction Standards for new best practices for bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Served 6k customers in the non-profit bike shop
  • Are taking steps towards providing our staff a true living wage in Boulder
  • Are working towards creating a “climate-neutral” organization and lessen our carbon footprint

Time is ticking on this fantastic match opportunity! We need 21 more donors by 11:59pm on Dec 28th in order to unlock and secure this $6,000 match. Will you join us?

Help us complete Stage 2 where donations are DOUBLED! It’s a BIG deal – please give to ensure our work continues.

No gift is too small (or too big)! Every gift counts. Please join us as a donor during this year-end giving season and double your impact for people who need a bike the most!

To you, the donor, “Thank you” for your support, and for fueling the passion behind Community Cycles’ year-end Stages.