Open Space, Got Bike Parking?


The City of Boulder wants to know what we need when we visit its open space. Is there enough bike parking? Where is it missing? Are there places that need more bike racks, and what racks need some love?

This project came about when a Community Cycles member, Lisa Seaman, approached our Advocacy Committee about additional bike parking at the Bear Canyon trailhead.  Sue Prant and Lisa met with Tracy Winfree and Jim Reeder of Open Space Mountain Parks (OSMP), who then gave us a spreadsheet of current bike racks at trailheads, and asked us to let them know our priorities. (It’s nice to feel heard!)

We’ve posted a map in the shop for fans of open space to mark up and help us help the City improve bike parking.

You can also leave feedback online. Here is a list of trailheads that
will help us all make sure we’re talking about the same place. You can
comment on the trailheads or add new locations to the end of the list.