FAQ – Community Cycles’ New Building at 2601 Spruce


Got any questions about Community Cycles’ new building at 2601 Spruce? We’ve got some answers!

Question: I thought you were moving into the Boulder Junction S’PARK development?

Answer: As many people know, Community Cycles had intended to move to into the new S’PARK development on Valmont Road and 33rd Street. As we got closer to this project becoming a reality, we realized the space at S’PARK presented some considerable operational issues for Community Cycles. These challenges lead us to search for alternative spaces and we are pleased to report we found a perfect fit. Working with our original partners, Boulder-based Element Properties, we were able to find a building in an Element project that better suits our needs and provides excellent access for all our operations.

A bonus is that we will be able to move into the new space almost a year earlier, making this a real win-win. With an excellent location at 26th and Spruce in the heart of Boulder, great access for all our programs, and a move-in date in early 2019, Community Cycles is eagerly looking forward to expanding our ability to serve the people of Boulder and Boulder County.

Question: When will you move to 2601 Spruce?

Answer: We plan to move in early 2019.

Question: What is the Leslie Bohm Learn-A-Bike Center?

Answer: The Leslie Bohm Learn-A-Bike Center is the heart and soul of this new facility. At almost 1,000 sq ft, this workshop center will house all of our education programs, including Earn-a-Bike, Transitions, Workshops and Classes, and Open Shop (Learn-a-Bike). The space will be flexible, so that we can do 2 things at once (offer a class and have open shop hours). We’ll also have some classes in an upstairs classroom. Upstairs space will be used for lecture classes, while the main Learn-a-Bike center will be used for hands-on classes.

We are excited to dedicate this, the largest space in our shop, to Leslie Bohm — a long-time Boulder resident who was a national pioneer in bike advocacy, and owned multiple local bicycle businesses.

Question: How many public bikes stands will the new space have?

Answer: In our present space on Wilderness Place, we have 4 stands inside and 4 stands outside. Our new space will have 8 public stands inside, with the opportunity to add at least 4 more outside.

Question: Will you still sell used bikes and parts?

Answer: Yes! And we’ll have more room for them.  All of our retail offerings, including used bikes and parts, will be in one very accessible space, rather than spread out.

Question: What other new things will you have at 2601 Spruce?

Answer: We will have a meeting room/ classroom, a larger public kitchen, and much better flow because it is all one space, rather than a bunch of little spaces hobbled together. There will still be a “back mechanics” area for our staff mechanics’ production of used bikes for sale.

Question: How much does this cost?

Answer: The entire project with purchase of the building, renovations, fit out, and move is $2.1 million.

Question: How much is rent on your current location?

Answer: Our current location costs $50,000 a year and rent keeps going up. Additionally, our Wilderness Place location is likely to be sold and redeveloped in the near future, leaving Community Cycles homeless.

Question: How much have you raised so far to buy 2601 Spruce?

Answer: So far we have raised $1,732,000. We have $378,000 left to go. All gifts big and small will help. Go here to donate. Once we reach our goal, we will own the building with no mortgage, ensuring Community Cycles’ life and our service to the community forever.